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This Phone Case Company Is Giving Away Burgers To The Hungry

This Phone Case Company Is Giving Away Burgers To The Hungry
This article was originally published on Business Blurb.
Burger Cases: while the name may sound like two unrelated objects put together, the meaning behind it is far from arbitrary, and in many ways is quite creative. A problem that hurts a large portion of the world is hunger. With over 820 million people affected by this worldwide, Burger Cases looks to solve this problem, one burger at a time. The concept is simple; for every case sold, a burger will be donated to someone in need. Now, from an outside perspective it may seem more mainstream to donate a phone case for every case sold- however, Burger Cases did not see a need for phone cases, as there are far more pressing problems, hunger being predominant. Burger Cases hopes to bring a platform to the hungry, as it will allow them to share their stories, dismantle the stigma and most importantly, help feed them too! 

They’ve interacted with some really good people, and believe that their stories will inspire others to care about this problem and be a part of the solution. Burger Cases goal is not to just sell phone cases; it’s to start a movement. Phone cases are for everyone: kids, parents, grandmas and grandpas and with the medium of phone cases, everyone can pitch in. While solving the problem of world hunger is certainly a tall order for any company or organization, rather than shrugging their shoulders and hoping someone else will take care of it, Burger Cases is going to get right to work.

While this is no easy task, Burger Cases believes with the right strategies, they can bring awareness to this already well-known issue, and give people an easy and fun way to pitch in. They know that their fun and unique phone cases will intrigue consumers, on top of the philanthropic endeavor taking place, they know this brand has the potential to help a lot of people, and make communities stronger, one burger at a time.


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